For a project report I have this main question but I'm doubting if there is any difference between these two or is it just a naming convention, meaning they are the same.

Thanks in advance.

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As the name suggests. A dynamic web application generates the pages/data in real time, as per the request, a respective response will trigger from the server end and will reach the client end(your end). Depending upon the response the client side code will take action as it's supposed to.

Example: On twitter when you click on follow. The button turns blue. In reality, when you click that button. You generate a request that is sent to the server. The server then generates a response. And with the response the button turns blue.

While in a normal web application or the simple website. There is no request, response scenario. All and all it's just a client end with some HTML with some CSS or maybe Javascript or any other extension of Javascript. No server end.

Example: https://www.cs.toronto.edu/~hinton/nntut.html

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