i have some reasons witch i am stuck to use django on windows machine. i was wondering how to configure django on a windows sesrver 2012 r2 with iis 8.5. so i followed the tutorial here. i did what the tutorial says and it is pretty much straight forward what i am gonna do for any kind of application i want to run with iis. but i get the following error the fastcgi process exited unexpectedly. here is what i have provided as executable for wfastcgi module:


i removed the wfastcgi.py part after | from handler mapping and error changed to script processor could not find the config for fastcgi configuration and i figured out the error must be related to the wfastcgi.py file. but i could not find the issue here. so i was wondering what can be the issue? and what are my options are here. has any one been able to use django on a windows machine?? jsut in case my python version is python 3.6

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    turns out the wfastcgi is not compatible with python3.5 and python3.6. just install python 3.4.2 and you are as good as a go person ;) – user3786134 Mar 12 '17 at 8:54

I had the exact same problem as you but managed to solve this by using Python 3.4.2 version. Follow the exact steps as described in this tutorial Django with IIS and avoid using Python 3.5 or above because it seems that there are compatibility issues. The stack I used was IIS version 10, Windows 10, Python 3.4.2 and Django 1.11.2.


Upgrading wfastcgi to the latest version

pip install wfastcgi --upgrade

solved it for me: Python 3.6.6, wfastcgi 3.0.0

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