i need to convert plain links to hyperlinks , but only plain text to be converted , the existing hyperlinks must be skipped

the text is considered as a link if:

  1. started at the beginning of the line , or a space existing before it i.e (^|\s)
  2. not included inside html hyperlink or any other html tag i.e [^"|']
  3. ended at the end of the line or a space exists after it


https://link1  http://link2

<-a href="http://ignored">http:-ignored<-/a>

the link formula is :


without consider any other options i.e just any text after http...

-- converting exists hyperlinks to plain links and re converting again is not allowed , because the text will be lost


Instead of using .* to match links, I'd use [^\s"\']+ that means 1 or more characters that is not a space or a quote:

$str = <<<EOD
https://link1  http://link2

<-a href="http://ignored">http:-ignored<-/a>

$str = preg_replace('~(?:^|\s)((?:https?://|ftps?://|www\.)[^\s"\']+)(?:\s|$)~', '<a href="$1">$1</a>', $str);
echo $str,"\n";


<a href="https://link1">https://link1</a><a href="http://link2">http://link2</a>
<-a href="http://ignored">http:-ignored<-/a>

If you want to keep spaces that are before or after the links:

$str = preg_replace('~(^|\s)((?:https?://|ftps?://|www\.)[^\s"\']+)(\s|$)~', '<a href="$2">$1$2$3</a>', $str);
  • space is welcome , that is the link might has a space before it , so i don't want to ignore spaces – Sherif Eldeeb Mar 12 '17 at 21:01
  • @SherifEldeeb: Of course it doesn't work, your regex says that url must begin with http(s) or ftp(s) or www., make this group optional. – Toto Mar 14 '17 at 9:36

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