I am using Spring and i am starting with mapstruct library in my project so I had an idea to create stereotype annotation for @Mapper(componentModel = "spring") like @SpringMapper. But it does not generate any mappers.

Is it impossible or I am doing something wrong?

That's a very interesting idea, but it's not supported currently. The MapStruct annotation processor only looks for @Mapper annotations, i.e. it will be invoked for the definition of @SpringMapper, but not for any beans annotated with @SpringMapper.

That being said, MapStruct provides its own means of reusing configuration via config classes:

public interface SpringMappers {}

Put all common options like the component model to such config class and then reference it from individual mappers:

public interface MyMapper {

Thanks for your answer Gunnar .

Another possible solution for maven is: Following maven plugins will set default (project scope) componentModel=spring and unmappedTargetPolicy=ERROR.




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