I am writing a small project using Node.JS and TypeScript, once of the requirements is to read a PFX certificate from a .pfx file and use this in the code to encrypt the payload body

I have a certificate public/private key file called cert1.pfx, my code requires this certificate as below

const cert = loadPfx("cert1.pfx");
const p: Payload = new Payload();

I have searched around but cannot find a way to load the PFX for my use case, I have seen examples of loading a PFX for HTTPS server or Express.JS, I looked a node-x509 but that is for BASE64 encoded CER or PEM certificates, I also looked at node-rsa but thats for encrypt/decrypt using public/private keys.

Does anyone know if this is possible? If so would appreciate some pointers on how to accomplish.


So after a LOT of research and trawling the Google archives I came across a package called pem and this has the following method:

pem.readPkcs12(bufferOrPath, [options], callback)

This can read a PKCS#12 file (or in other words a *.pfx or *.p12 file) amongst other things, I must have missed this in my earlier research.


const pem = require("pem");
const fs = require("fs");

const pfx = fs.readFileSync(__dirname + "/test.pfx");
pem.readPkcs12(pfx, { p12Password: "password" }, (err, cert) => {


{ cert: "...", ca: ["subca", "rootca"], key: "..." }

You can find more here and here.

  • I don't see any output in my console – Anand May 10 '19 at 18:26

It sounds like you only need to use Node's own https capabilities. Node can read the PFX file directly. (Https.createServer, SSL Options)

Example from Node.js site:

const https = require('https');
const fs = require('fs');

const options = {
  pfx: fs.readFileSync('test/fixtures/test_cert.pfx'),
  passphrase: 'sample'

https.createServer(options, (req, res) => {
  res.end('hello world\n');

I was also stuck on a similar problem @neil-stevens solution helped me to read the .pfx file but what i find is one feature/bug ( i don't know exactly what it is) of pem that it returns encrypted private key mostly in RSA , but if you need actual private key you need to export encrypted key into pkcs8,which can be done using Node RSA.

Usage :

const RSAKey = cert.key; const key = new NodeRSA(RSAKey); const privateKey = key.exportKey("pkcs8");

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