Note: I am using Go Gits application to host my repositories

IDE: NetBeans 8.2

I am trying to push my local commits to my upstream branch, it returns a message box called "Git Command Failed " with the following message:

http://UserName@DomainRedacted:3000/Redacted/Web-API-Includes.git: authentication not supported

I am using the correct username and password, I can just use the git shell but it would be nice to use netbeans in-built push functionality.

I have tried doing the following exercise in this answer: Netbeans can pull but not push to Github: "authentication not supported"

  • I'm assuming you working in Windows. Did you tried to setup environment variable to point your git installation ?? – ntshetty Mar 13 '17 at 5:23
  • @ThiruShetty if by Environment Variable you are talking about windows vars like PATH, then yes, I have. It should be noted that git works everywhere else on my system except for when I push from NetBeans. I was previously using PHPStorm and it worked like a dream. – D. Foley Mar 13 '17 at 5:26

You can try for testing if removing the Username from the url can help.

In command line, go to your repo and type:

cd c:\path\to\my\repo
git remote set-url origin http://domainredacted:3000/Redacted/Web-API-Includes.git

Then try again from NetBean.

If your git config -l does include a credential.helper set to manager, your username/password should be cached in it.

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