I need a command that will draw a horizontal "line" in the terminal. The line must be exactly the width of the terminal long (regardless of a current terminal width) and consist of a dash character (although a unicode symbol for a horizontal line can be also used).

It is better if it can be colored.

I need to use it like this:

echo some text
echo more text

And the output would look something like this:

echo some text
echo more text

Try with:

echo some text
printf '%*s\n' "${COLUMNS:-$(tput cols)}" '' | tr ' ' -
echo some text

In bash and zsh there is the $COLUMNS variable which you can use.

I use this line for that purpose:

printf %"$COLUMNS"s |tr " " "-"

You can also use seq, but this is not as intuitive as the other solution:

seq -s- $COLUMNS|tr -d '[:digit:]'


It seems that $COLUMNS is a local bash variable and you will need to export it. So now there are (at least) 2 options.

  1. Export the variable before you call the script:

    export COLUMNS; ./your_script.sh
  2. Use tput as Zumo de Vidrio suggests.

    printf %"$(tput cols)"s |tr " " "-"
  • The thing is that it works on command line but not in the script. – exebook Mar 13 '17 at 14:08
  • 1
    Ok, it seems that I exported the COLUMNS, that's why it works. You can either do the same or use a combination of @Zumo de Vidrio and my solution. I updated my answer. – cb0 Mar 13 '17 at 15:22

A simple Perl one-liner
stty size | perl -ale 'print "-"x$F[1]'

you can see the height and width of your terminal with stty size

enter image description here

  • great. to clarify: it prints - $F[1] amount of times. $F[1] being the second value (separated by whitespace) of stty size command output, eg. 57 228. i think print('string'x$number) is an awesome perl construct. – user4104817 Jan 31 at 7:49
  • @w17t thank you for your feedback. I am not sure to understand you well. It might you want to use it this way: perl -le 'print "-" x qx(stty size | grep -o ...\$)' without -a for separators and @F array. – Shakiba Moshiri Jan 31 at 8:18

Super simple horizontal ruler:

repeat $(tput cols) echo -ne "-";

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