I'm using Ctrl+Left / Ctrl+Right in a GreaseMonkey script as a hotkey to turn back / forward pages. It seems to works fine, but I want to disable this behavior if I'm in a text edit area. I'm trying to use document.activeElement to get the page active element and test if it's an editable area, but it always returns "undefined".


document.activeElement works for me in FF3 but the following also works

(function() {

var myActiveElement;
document.onkeypress = function(event) {
    if ((myActiveElement || document.activeElement || {}).tagName != 'INPUT')
        // do your magic
if (!document.activeElement) {
    var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
    for(var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) {
        elements[i].addEventListener('focus',function() {
            myActiveElement = this;
        elements[i].addEventListener('blur',function() {
            myActiveElement = null;

  • I'm using FF until my extensions runs in FF3. It looks like activeElement doesn't work in FF2, but the focus/blur events did the trick, thanks – PabloG Sep 4 '08 at 2:55

element.activeElement is part of HTML5 spec but is not supported by most browsers. It was first introduced by IE.

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