I just started using ipython/jupyter notebook. The Shift-Enter (run current cell) and Enter (insert newline) commands are frustrating to use. I would like to swap the commands for those two inputs in edit-mode.


Shift-Enter: (insert newline)

Enter: (run current cell)

Is there some way to remap commands for jupyter notebook? A config file maybe? It sounds like ipython notebook did not always work this way (Enter in the IPython console inserts new line instead of executing current line after kernel restart #2696). The solution to the linked github issue seems to be "just use shift-enter," and I was unable to find a solution on google.

I have the following versions:

ipykernel (4.5.2)
ipython (5.3.0)
jupyter (1.0.0)
notebook (4.4.1)
  • Not meaning to do necromancy, but since most instant messengers use it swapped, I'd be very interested in the answer. – con-f-use Aug 15 '18 at 13:47

Open up a notebook, and under [Help] you can find [Edit Keyboard Shortcuts]. For versions before 5.0, the documentation I linked below has a detailed explanation as to what command you can run to change the shortcuts.

Source: https://jupyter-notebook.readthedocs.io/en/stable/examples/Notebook/Custom%20Keyboard%20Shortcuts.html

  • I'm also having the same issue and this solution doesn't seem to work, since the shortcut is located in "Edit" mode which apparently cannot be changed. – user4779 Feb 18 at 7:09

An old question, but worth an answer for people using JupyterLab (Version 0.35.6, Windows 10):

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings Editor. A Settings tab will open.
  2. On the sidebar of the Settings tab, click Keyboard Shortcuts. Two inner-tabs will open: System Defaults and User Overrides.
  3. Copy the following into User Overrides to replace Shift+Enter with Enter (note that there's no need to explicitly define Shift+Enter as the keyboard shortcut for "new line").

    The actual override here is the value "Enter", which replaces the default value "Shift Enter":

          "runmenu:run": {
          "command": "runmenu:run",
          "keys": [
          "selector": "[data-jp-code-runner]",
          "title": "Run",
          "category": "Run Menu"
      "notebook:run-cell-and-select-next": {
          "command": "notebook:run-cell-and-select-next",
          "keys": [
          "selector": ".jp-Notebook.jp-mod-editMode",
          "title": "Run Cell and Select Next",
          "category": "Notebook Operations"
    1. Hit the save icon on the upper right corner.

End result:

enter image description here

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