Last week I spotted one curious moment while working with Jenkins. In my multimodule project I am using Jacoco test coverage and Jacoco-plugin in Jenkins.

I start some job in my Jenkins, when it comes to the test phase, Jacoco process will be created and after job execution, the process will be closed. But when the job is stucked in the test phase, the only way is to terminate the job. But in this case the Jacoco process won't be closed, even after the Jenkins restart. The only way is to kill the process.

I have one Jenkins running on my physical machine and another one in docker. The problem occurs in both cases.

Here is mine Jacoco configuration in the parent pom.xml, but I am sure that's not the point.:


Has anybody faced the same issues or maybe has some tips or guesses?


I haven't found the concrete solution to this problem, but I have built the small workaround. Maybe it will be usefull for somebody.

The point is to create a job that will be running one script every hour. The script is checking if there are some jacoco processes running longer than 3600 seconds and kill them.

The script:



echo "Searching for  $PROCESS_NAME processes running for more than $MAX_TIME seconds"

pgrep -f $PROCESS_NAME | while read pid 
    running_time=$(ps -feo "etimes=" $pid | sed -e 's/ //g')
    if [ $running_time -gt $MAX_TIME ]
        echo "killing the process with $pid"
        kill $pid
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