I am looking for a query which will return the week number from given date.

What I've already tried is this:

select datepart(wk, '2017-02-01')

but this returns 5 instead of 6. (february 1st is the 6th week of the year).

(week numbers with red)

enter image description here


You probably need to specify the first day of your week with set datefirst:

set datefirst 1;
select datepart(week, '2017-02-01');

returns 6

Depending on the default language, your datefirst might be set to 7.

set datefirst 7;
select datepart(week, '2017-02-01');

returns 5

rextester demo: http://rextester.com/KEPB52852


You can also consider using 'iso_week' instead of 'week' parameter in 'datepart'. This case you can avoid using 'set datefirst 1', which can be convenient if you can only use a single select.

More details here about 'iso_week': "ISO 8601 includes the ISO week-date system, a numbering system for weeks. Each week is associated with the year in which Thursday occur"

You can compare the two like this:

SELECT datepart(ISO_WEEK, '2020.01.01') -- Wed
SELECT datepart(WEEK, '2020.01.01') -- Wed
SELECT datepart(ISO_WEEK, '2020.01.05') -- Sun
SELECT datepart(WEEK, '2020.01.05') -- Sun
SELECT datepart(ISO_WEEK, '2020.01.06') -- Mon
SELECT datepart(WEEK, '2020.01.06') -- Mon

Note the difference for Sunday, 5 Jan 2020:


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