Hi I have this method that returns a Json::Value

Json::Value simplifyDate(const Json::Value& data) {
    Json::Value value;
    if (data.get("$JSNType", "").asString() == "date") {
        value = data["value"];
    return value;

If I inspect value before returning it is {"dayOfTheMonth":1,"month":3,"year":2017}

But in the calling method:

Json::Value value = simplifyDate(data);

value gets this value: {"dayOfTheMonth":0,"month":0,"year":0}

Any ideas why this is happening?

  • for answer your question it's necessary to look at json::value definition. It seems to me a problem in move/copy ctor. – alangab Mar 15 '17 at 4:28


value = Json::Value(data["value"]);

instead of value = data["value"] seems to solve the issue

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