I'm using .inc files in vscode, but I find that vscode does not support .inc files' highlight.Does vscode support inc file syntax highlighting?

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.inc files are used in multiple languages; what language are you using them in?

You can tell VSCode to apply language-specific syntax highlighting by editing the settings.json (File > Preferences > Settings) by adding the file extension to the highlighting category.

For example, to highlight .inc files as PHP,

"files.associations": { "*.inc": "php"}

See this link for more details.

  • Or, File (Code on macOS) > Preferences > Settings > Text Editor > Files > Add Item. Add an item with *.inc and php as mentioned in this answer.
    – rinogo
    Feb 3 at 14:29

2018 Update - Visual Studio Code 1.24.1


File > Preferences >  Settings

You will get a dual pane as below ;

Default User Settings     || User Settings
"files.associations": {}

Copy that over to the User Settings Pane ( right pane ) and paste at the bottom ( before the closing parentheses );

 ... || User Settings
          "files.associations": {
           "*.inc": "php"
        } // closing parentheses

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version : 1.64.2 File > Preferences > Settings

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