How Do I get the value of a span tag and send it into my form to another page?

<span id="subtotal"></span>

I need to send the content of my span tag subtotal to another page, I would like to save it into a hidden field, but I found no way to do this..

I used this, but no success!

    function getTotal() {
        return alert(document.getElementById('total').innerHTML);

Here goes the right function for those who needs the answer! After I figured out the script ...

    function getTotal() {
        var someValue = $(".total").text();
        alert("Value is "+someValue);
        //It cause to releoad the page and give me the parameter total          
        location.href="frmAdd.php?total=" + someValue; 

this will give you value


You could try the .text() method if you're using jQuery.

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The value of span is added to the input field of id="sub". you may use any events for assign values to hidden field like click,change,submit,or you do as your logic .its an option.

  <span id="subtotal"></span>
  <input type="hidden" id="sub" >
  • It was already solved. Using id #subtotal .. anyway thanks for the reply! – deepcell Apr 2 '14 at 4:03

Should'nt you be having subtotal instead of total there?

function getTotal() {
        return alert(document.getElementById('subtotal').innerHTML);

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