I am trying to setup EWay payment integration with Active-merchant Gem in Rails application.

I setup successfully EWay but when tried to Recurring at that time got issue below:

undefined method `recurring' for #<ActiveMerchant::Billing::EwayGateway:0x000000051bb110>.

I tried a lot but still not found any proper solution.

Anyone have a better solution or experience with EWay recurring then please provide that will a lot of help.



The eWAY gateway module in Active Merchant doesn't have a recurring function at this time, which is causing the error you see. In fact, it seems recurring functionality is being removed from the library on the whole:

There is too much variance between the recurring functionality provided by gateways for ActiveMerchant to do a good job of abstracting it. Thus this deprecates all such functionality with the intention of stripping it out completely at some future point.

Commit message 8 May 2014

If you do want to implement recurring payments with eWAY, your options are:

  • Use Tokens to store cards with eWAY (which Active Merchant supports) and manage the recurring billing in your application.
  • Skip using Active Merchant and implement eWAY's Recurring API directly

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