i have to validate my xml file with a given XSD file. Figured the easiest way to do so would be xmllint, but i can't get it to work. Can anyone tell me the exact command?

I tried:

     xmllint --valid myxsd.xsd myxml.xml

What am i doing wrong? This only outputs the 2 files in the command line

edit: have to do it in console, because it will be needed in a build process


Figured it out, had to use --schema instead of --validate.

xmllint --schema yourxsd.xsd yourxml.xml --noout

The --noout makes sure your code in XSD and XML doesn't show. With this option you will only see the Validation Errors.

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  • I tried it and faced this limitation Internal error: xmlSchemaVDocWalk, there is at least one entity reference in the node-tree currently being validated. Processing of entities with this XML Schema processor is not supported (yet). Please substitute entities before validation., so it does not support entities even though they are correctly defined like <!DOCTYPE root [<!ENTITY nbsp "&#160;">]>. – dma_k Apr 28 at 10:13

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