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I am using Blowfish Algorithm to Encrypt and Decrypt a Contents in a File. The problem is the output characters of encrypted file having too much of special characters

SPECIAL CHARACTERS (Encrypted text) :- Ž81‡Ç¬ú²±DN¢HÜ4ºÜºT÷.Ê+ŠÀ

after that i had converted the special characters to hex it gives the value as


if i tried to convert this to string i cant get the same encrypted text

Following java code for converting hex to string

package bytearray;

import java.io.DataInputStream;
import java.io.FileInputStream;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.io.InputStream;
import java.io.PrintWriter;
import java.util.Arrays;
import javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter;

public class ByteArray {

    public static byte[] toByteArray(String s) {
        return DatatypeConverter.parseHexBinary(s);

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
        String balaji  ="8E383187C7ACFAB214B113444EA248DC34BADCBA54F7032ECA2B8AC03C6B95C67D2F46F586E4CD86";

        byte[] pri = toByteArray(balaji);
        String value = new String(pri);



Please help us how to convert the hex to string.

Expected Output :- Ž81‡Ç¬ú²±DN¢HÜ4ºÜºT÷.Ê+ŠÀ

Obtained output:- �81�Ǭ���DN�H�4�ܺT�.�+��

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    Don't convert random bytes to String with new String(). That makes no sense. Transform the clear-text to bytes using getBytes("UTF8"), then encrypt those bytes. The result is a byte array. If you want a printable version of that byte array, encode it using Hex or Base64. – JB Nizet Mar 15 '17 at 17:12
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you need to make sure that converting to and from HEX uses same encoding. in this case I believe it should be UTF-8

public static String toHexString(String arg,String encoding) throws Exception {

    return String.format("%040x", new BigInteger(1, arg.getBytes(encoding)));

public static byte[] toByteArray(String s) {

    return DatatypeConverter.parseHexBinary(s);

public static void main(String[] args)throws Exception{

    String s1 = "Ž81‡Ç¬ú²±DN¢HÜ4ºÜºT÷.Ê+ŠÀ";

    String s2 = toHexString(s1,"UTF-8");

    String s3 = new String(toByteArray(s2));

    String s4 = toHexString(s1,"ISO-8859-15");

    String s5 = new String(toByteArray(s4));








As you see in the output when I use UTF-8 for both encode and decode I get right result but when I encode with ISO and decode with UTF-8 I get what you get.

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