I'm brand new to both pouchdb and react. I found the react-pouchdb-changes module which seems exactly like what I want to be using.

However, the example code it provides is far too sparse - I'm really at a loss as to how it would be incorporated into a basic react application.

Can someone provide a more complete example usage with some basic explanations of what each piece does?


This module seems to be merely a wrapper for the changes method. You can get a live example here. The link comes right from the documentation.

If that's not enough info you can check out the API reference with examples and example responses.

  • Thanks. I have a handle on how the pouchdb part works, but I'm not clear on how it integrates with react. The example provided seems to show pseudo code, and it doesn't explain how I would incorporate into my react app. For example, my app starts with: " var Basebuilder = React.createClass({" - would I instead extend PouchDBChanges? – Jamie Mar 17 '17 at 1:00

It's up to you how you want react-pouchdb-changes to integrate with React. All it does is provide you with a component to put your onChange handler on. These parts of the code example are the relevant ones:

  onChange={change => console.log(change) /* do something useful with the change here instead of just logging it! */}
 {/* your <App> component here */}

Just use the component in your JSX code (wrap your main component or any container component with it).

If you have difficulties with setting up a React example, try using create-react-app. You'll have a running React app within a few seconds. A good place to add your <PouchDBChanges> component would be src/App.js - just wrap the outermost <div> with the component.

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