Was trying to solve an online coding problem in Python, and the I/O required for the submission is simple input() and print(). Since I'm lazy and don't want to replace the I/O with method parameters in order to run unit tests, how would I create a unit test that allowed me to substitute a preset string as the input? For instance:

class Test(TestCase):
        self.input = *arbitrary input*
    def test(self):
        c = Class_Being_Tested()
        ...make self.input the required input for c.main()
        ...test output of c.main()

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You can make use of mock.patch() to patch the calls to any object. In this case that means patching input(). You can read more about it in the docs: https://docs.python.org/dev/library/unittest.mock.html In your example:

import mock
class Test(TestCase):
    def test_input(self, input_mock):
        input_mock.return_value = 'arbitrary string'
        c = Class_Being_Tested()
        assert c.print_method.called_with('arbitrary string') #test that the method using the return value of input is being called with the proper argument

Notice that if you are using pytest you could also create a fixture and automatically use it with autouse. Check an example here: http://pythontesting.net/framework/pytest/pytest-fixtures-nuts-bolts/#autouse

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