I'm very new to this. Why is openssl_pkey_new() returning false?

I am using XAMPP and there is a an OpenSSL under the Apahce\bin directory.

What obvious beginner mistake am I making? Maybe it's a matter of SSL configuration?

My goal is to write the two keys into two files.

Update: as suggested, I used openssl_error_string() and it says error:02001003:system library:fopen:No such process. It sounds like maybe OpenSSL isn't running or isn't in the path?? Any ideas?

Update: I put c:\xampp\php into the windows path, so that it could find libeay32.dlland restarted Apache.

Now I get error:2006D080:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:no such file. Any ideas?


Use openssl_error_string() to find out why openssl_pkey_new() is returning false (or any other OpenSSL error).

After your latest update, it appears that OpenSSL can't find the openssl.cnf file, as described here.


For me with XAMPP on Windows 10 it works:

  1. https://stackoverflow.com/a/18869750/4695499. (You can find exactly those steps in the old Control panel in Windows 10 under one of the display options)
  2. I also tried uncomment extension=php_openssl.dll in php.ini (but I mean it’s working without that)
  3. I restarted computer and Apache, then openssl_pkey_new() generated some of RESOURCE instead of false
  • Thanks, Star. After 15 years or more, I finally dropped Xampp and installed Apache, PHP & MySql. Surprisingly easy to do and, finally, I feel like pro ;-) Since it has been 11 years since I asked this question, I can't even remember it, let alone reproduce it, but thank you for posting your answer. I hope that it will help others who post here in future (upvote) Apr 8 at 7:40

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