I have a project and I'm only responsible for the Back-End development. In the Back-End I have to create an API that generally have CRUD operations, and the problem is that they are a lot, so to explain exactly here is an example:

Demand => Create a CRUD for Article(Id:number, Title:string, Thumbnail:picture, Content:text, Tags:text)

Explanation => I have to create everything needed so the Front-end can send requests to Create, Read, List, Update or Delete an Article (Return data as JSON)

Problem => I'm searching for a package or a tool that generates that automatically, knowing that a request could contain files or pictures not only text data.

Please Don't Forget

  • I'm not seeking for a view generator [I'm not working for the Front-End] I'm only responsible for the Back-End
  • Everything I need do exist in other frameworks, but I want to work with Laravel
  • I wish you give me tools or packages that you have used not from Google searches because I'm searching for the 4th day
  • I found this http://labs.infyom.com/laravelgenerator/ but it seems that it have a little bit complicated documentation (Maybe the problem in me)
  • I'm using Laravel 5
  • Searching for off-site resources like packages is off-topic. Anyway, I'd suggest you to look into resource controllers. That'd reduce the work a bit. – manniL Mar 16 '17 at 8:51

It's not totally clear to me what you're looking for. Regarding routes and controllers, Laravel's built-in functionality for Resource Controllers is quite useful in providing general REST scaffolding. If you're interested in all the details of implementing CRUD-like functionality, that's a more involved topic and I'd advise spending some time reading through Laravel's fairly comprehensive documentation.


There are several great options for automatic generation of api in laravel you can checkout Dreamfactory, infyom or apiato, I recommend infyom if you have a small project and you need simple api.

  • Thank you so much Sir, Veeeeeeeeeeeery USEFUL – Khalil Bz Jun 20 at 10:16

Try Laravel API/Scaffold/CRUD Generator

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    This one is deprecated and I'm no longer maintaining it. so the use of InfyOmLabs/laravel-generator is recommended. – Mitul Golakiya Aug 10 at 10:51

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