CouchDB provides three compaction-related API endpoints:

  1. /{db}/_compact to compact data on disk.
  2. /{db}/_compact/{ddoc} to compact a view
  3. /{db}/_view_cleanup to clean up stale views.

PouchDB offers similar functionality for the first one.

  1. compact() to compact on-disk data

But the other two are unclear from the documentation. viewCleanup() appears to correspond to /{db}/_view_cleanup, with its description reading:

Cleans up any stale map/reduce indexes.

As design docs are deleted or modified, their associated index files (in CouchDB) or companion databases (in local PouchDBs) continue to take up space on disk. viewCleanup() removes these unnecessary index files.

See the CouchDB documentation on view cleanup for details.

However, the link in the description describes view compaction (and immediately after, discusses view cleanups).

So how does one actually compact a view in PouchDB?

  • Does viewCleanup() handle both view cleanup and compaction?

  • Is view compaction included in compact()?

  • Is view compaction impossible?

  • Is view compaction somehow simply unnecessary in PouchDB for some reason?


From the source code in pocuhdb-mapreduce.js, it looks like viewCleanup just removes unused view locally and also on remote CouchDB servers. There is no equivalent of a view compaction, because it's not necessary locally – see Nolan's answer on Github.

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