I have a segment of travis where it checks for the cassadra_version env variable.

if [ ! -z ${CASSANDRA_VERSION} ]; then ./setup-cassandra.sh; fi;

I would like for also to run only if there are no tags called deploy.

I have tried: if [ ! -z ${CASSANDRA_VERSION} ] && [ "${TRAVIS_TAG}" =~ '^((?!deploy).)*$' ]; then ./setup-cassandra.sh; fi;

but it gives me a binary operator error

if [ [! -z ${CASSANDRA_VERSION} ] && [ "${TRAVIS_TAG}" =~ '^((?!deploy).)*$' ]]; then ./setup-cassandra.sh; fi;

also gives me an error

if [ [! -z ${CASSANDRA_VERSION} ] && [ ${TRAVIS_TAG} =~ '^((?!deploy).)*$' ]]; then ./setup-cassandra.sh; fi;


then I also tried just having: if [ ${TRAVIS_TAG} =~ '^((?!deploy).)*$' ]; then ./setup-cassandra.sh; fi;`

it also giving me the binary operator.

am i not doing the regex properly?


You were not far, your main issue is that ~= is not a universal test operator, but a bash specific one. To use these bash advanced test operators, you have to use double brackets.

This will work:

if [ ! -z ${CASSANDRA_VERSION} ] && [[ "${TRAVIS_TAG}" =~ ^((?!deploy).)*$ ]]; then ./setup-cassandra.sh; fi;

Well, if your regexp is correct ;)

To know more about those improved operators: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/031

  • it is saying: [[: command not found – azngunit81 Mar 27 '17 at 22:51
  • 1
    My fault! Bash (and that's what's frustrating with it) is very sensible to whitespaces... I tried to do a special effect in my answer to put the brackets in bold... But the spaces between the brackets and the text don't survive to a copy/paste... I've edited my answer, now you should be able to copy that line. – arvymetal Mar 28 '17 at 14:10

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