i need to open at the startup of the pc 3 browsers on 3 different monitor starting from one Windows XP pc. Then i need to set the 3 browser to full screen (F11) automatically. I need another thing, on the startup I'll check the connection to internet, if the connection is down I need to show a message ( maybe from a local html file ) then I need to retry to open the 3 browser if the connection goes up.

thanks in advance!

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Try AutoIt. It's a scripting language built for Windows automation and can probably do all these things. And on the off-chance that you're doing this to view a specific website on a few available browsers, also check out BrowserShots.


Try Windows Powershell. To start the script at startup you could put it in the Startup folder. You can check for the Internet connection in Powershell as well. Opening a browser can be done following instructions at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1338327/open-ie-maximized-from-powershell-script.

Your code would look something like:

$ie=new-object -com internetexplorer.application

There are numerous tools to do automation on Windows. As others mentioned Powershell comes from Microsoft and AutoIt is a free 3rd party tool.

If you are looking for a commercial automation tool try RIATest (disclaimer: I work for the company).

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