I am using virtual scroll to output a big list of cards. Here is my code:

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavController } from 'ionic-angular';
import { TowersModel } from '../../app/models/towers-model';
import { TowerPage } from '../tower/tower';

  selector: 'page-towers',
  templateUrl: 'towers.html'
export class TowersPage {

      towers: any;

    constructor(public navCtrl: NavController){ 

      this.towers = [];
      for(let i = 1; i < 2000; i++){
          "name" : "Tower "+i,
          "image" : "http://st.motortrend.com/uploads/sites/10/2015/09/2013-Ferrari-458-Italia-Front-Three-Quarters-View.jpg"





        <ion-list [virtualScroll]="towers">

          <div *virtualItem="let tower">
              <ion-img [src]="tower.image" [width]="2048" [height]="1360"></ion-img>
                <p>Lorem ipsu sum dolor amor sit amet</p>



I have no external css being applied to this page other than the standard ionic framework stuff.

If I use a regular img tag instead of ion-img then the image shrinks down automatically to fit entirely inside the width of the card whilst maintaining the same aspect ratio. When I use ion-img though the image doesn't shrink down to fit inside the card at all and is rendered at original size and so it's massive and doesn't display correctly. How do I get it to fit nicely within the card?

  • Perhaps a width 80% and margin 0 auto; – JoeriShoeby Mar 16 '17 at 21:46

Ionic providers a small set of helpers. By default when using the ion-img tag ionic applies margin to the image depending on the image ratio and its wrapper component.

So if i am not mistaken you can add either no-margin or no-padding to the image tag to remove the spaced added by default

<ion-img [src]="tower.image" [width]="2048" [height]="1360" no-padding no-margin>

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