I want to read my page content via embedly. I tried something like just call this URL


and my page is very simple just like this

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>My Title</title>
<div>Text 1</div>
<p>Text 2P</p>

but content result attribute is always empty. I can get title, but not a content. I was expecting to get this in the content field

<div>Text 1</div>
<p>Text 2P</p>

, but it is empty.

From other side, if I try to get my blog's content from blogspot.com in the same way, it works fine.

How can I fix it? Maybe my page is not formatted properly, in this case what should be proper format of my page?


I think it only extracts the content when it is inside an article tag. For instance this link works fine Embed.ly Content

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