I have a one question aboud gcloud (google-cloud-sdk).

I have found a gcloud components to using interavtive shell of google cloud.

using like this command

[hostname]# gcloud components list

and I found a results

│ Installed │ gcloud Alpha Commands│ alpha  │   < 1 MiB │
│ Installed | gcloud Beta Commands │ beta   │   < 1 MiB │

In google cloud (https://cloud.google.com/sdk/docs/interactive-gcloud), shows a 'gcloud Alpha Commands' but not exist 'gcloud Beta Commands'.

What is the difference between alpha commands and beta commands?


It's the lifecycle.

Alpha means that the feature is typically not ready for production and might still be actively developed.

Beta on the other hand is normally a completed feature, that is being tested to be production ready.

For more info: Wikipedia

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