I need to replace this path: C:\test1\test2 into this: C:/test1/test2

I am using jquery but it doesn't seem to work

var path = "C:\test1\test2";
var path2 = path.replace("\", "//");

How should it be done?

  • Just FYI this has nothing to do with jQuery - it's pure JS. I retagged the question for you – Rory McCrossan Mar 17 '17 at 10:54

You have to escape to backslashes.

var path = "C:\\test1\\test2";
var path2 = path.replace(/\\/g, "/");


Your original string is in the wrong format, as '\t' inside it is for a tab symbol. Please change it (may be from the server side) to this:

    var path = "C:\\test1\\test2";

so your code could change to this:

    var path = "C:\\test1\\test2";
    var path2 = path.replace(/\\/g, '/');

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