How can I reference a tower inventory group from the playbook? My playbook is calling specific roles, each role will call on a different inventory group from tower.

So far what I have tried is:

host: "{{ inventory_hostname in groups['ios'] }}"


host: "ios"


host: ios

Is it just my syntax there on the templating? I can't find any reference to this when using a tower inventory group.

I get some type of error stating could not be found, or attempting to acctually connect to "ios"

"failed to connect to ios:22"

You should use hosts: instead of host: if you want to reference a group.


From Ansible Tower support:

Each job template can see only one top-level inventory. It is possible, though, to create potentially overlapping groups and sub-groups within a single inventory. For most applications, the single inventory can be organized to provide necessary specificity. In cases where an particular inventory grouping must be referenced in multiple job templates, it is necessary to either use the same top-level inventory in both cases, or to duplicate the inventory group to both inventories.

So you can't reference other groups in hosts, each job template only sees the inventory it was provided but you can either use Workflow to change inventories or create overlapping groups.

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