Hello Guy's I have question How do I replace string in string if string exist. Example:


#I have this line:
x='abcd abcd 60'
if num in x:
print('The new number is: ')

and it will print 3 instead of 60, how can I do that and otherwise if in x will be 80 it will replace it to 4.



Here's how I would do it:

Just a couple notes first, you seem to have confused the syntax for dictionaries. Dictionaries start with { and end with }. [ and ] are used for lists and they don't have : (a list looks like: [1,2,3,4,5]. The following code will iterate through all the keys in the dictionary and then replace them properly in the string.


string='abcd abcd 60'
for key in li:
    string = string.replace(key,li[key])


a dictionary would probably be easier, so it would go something like this:

x='abcd abcd 60'
num = '60'
if num in x:
    print('The new number is: '+list[num])
dictionary={str(20*i):str(i) for i in range (5)}
text='abcd abcd 60 40'

for key in dictionary.keys():
    text=text.replace(key, dictionary[key])
print (text)

Will print abcd abcd 3 2

Edit: Answer to updated question

for key in dictionary:
    if key in text:
        print (dictionary[key])

Care as this will only work if you don't have keys which are a substring of an other key (i.e. term & terminal), in that case you can always recur to regular expressions.

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