How do I hide/get rid the title bar on a Form?

I tried to do that by created a custom class of Form and override shouldPaintStatusBar() but it didn't work.

The entire code is:

public class SplashScreenOp {
    private Resources theme;
    private Form splashForm;
    public Form getForm() {
        return splashForm;

    public SplashScreenOp(Resources theme) {
        this.theme = theme;

    public final void show() {
        splashForm = new Form(new BorderLayout());
        Image splashScreenImage = theme.getImage("splashscreen.png");
        ScaleImageLabel scaleImageLabel = new ScaleImageLabel(splashScreenImage);
        splashForm.add(BorderLayout.CENTER, scaleImageLabel);

As this is a splash page, so only the image should be displayed. ie. No title bar.


I assume you are using Toolbar globally. You can hide title bar by not adding any TitleCommand and by calling either of below (or both):



  • Thanks, it worked! (I had to call BOTH in order to make it work.) – ikevin8me Mar 18 '17 at 7:55

You can also call:


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