I have four questions regarding the relation between starvation and bounded waiting.

  1. Does starvation-freedom imply deadlock-freedom?

    My answer:

    From here, the definition of starvation free is

    Freedom from Starvation -:Every thread that attempts to acquire the lock eventually succeeds

    Freedom from Deadlock -:f some thread attempts to acquire the lock, then some thread (not necessarily the thread referred to in the if statement; emphasis added) will succeed in acquiring the lock.

    So I can state that starvation-freedom imply deadlock-freedom

  2. Does starvation-freedom imply bounded-waiting?

  3. Does bounded-waiting imply starvation-freedom?

  4. Does bounded-waiting AND deadlock-freedom imply starvation-freedom?

I am stuck at point 2,3,4.


2.Does starvation-freedom imply bounded-waiting?

Starvation means that a thread will wait indefinitely. But starvation-freedom means the thread will not wait forever and will eventually get the resource. Bounded waiting means there is a limit to the number of times the threads are allowed to enter their critical sections after a thread has made request to enter its critical section and before that request is granted. So, its clear that starvation freedom implies bounded waiting, otherwise, some other thread can always be in Critical section and that contradicts starvation-freedom.

3.Does bounded-waiting imply starvation-freedom?

The answer is also yes because after the limit is crossed the waiting process will get the chance to enter critical section and therefore, no indefinitely waiting and therefore, starvation-freedom.

4.Does bounded-waiting AND deadlock-freedom imply starvation-freedom?

It is clear from the above explanation that it is also true.

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