Here it is: I have defined subclass of PFUser named User

 class User: PFUser {

    @NSManaged var name: String?
    @NSManaged var qrCode: QRCode?

and a subclass of PFObject named QRCode:

class HQRCode: PFObject {

    @NSManaged var code: String

    convenience init(_ code: String) {

        setObject(code, forKey: "code")

and I have registered subclassed in AppDelegate:


when I retrieve a QRcode from the server and assign it to the user, but unfortunately I got the following error:

// retrieve and assign qrcode
newUser.qrCode = QRcode

Error Domain=Parse Code=111 "schema mismatch for _User.qrCode; expected Relation but got Pointer"

What does it mean? and How can I solve it?


That error was issuing the qrCode column in User class on the "Dashboard" is of type Relationship. to fix it I set that to type Pointer

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