For an exercice I try to code the ls function.

I'm copying the -G option. This option will color the name of the file depending of the type.

Until now, I understood than :

- Symbolic link are in magenta
- directory is in cyan

Does any one know which are the other colors used and for what kind of file ? I'm also looking for the background color.

Kind regards


I showed a script in How to remove dir background in ls -color output which colorizes the output of dircolors -p (and would be useful in this question, since it preserves the comments which explain what's being colored).


The colors used by ls are determined by the LS_COLORS environment variable; or else by a builtin database. The environment variable LS_COLORS is normally set by evaluating the output of dircolors; see man dircolors for details. Use dircolors -p | less to see the current values.

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