I'm having trouble starting Vagrant with Virtual box. The code I enter into a blank project folder on the command line is:

vagrant init tsawler/wafs; vagrant up --provider virtualbox

In response I get the following message:

C:\Users\Owner\PhpstormProjects\modernphptut>vagrant init tsawler/wafs; vagrant up --provider virtualbox An invalid option was specified. The help for this command is available below. Usage: vagrant init [options] [name [url]]


    --box-version VERSION        Version of the box to add
-f, --force                      Overwrite existing Vagrantfile
-m, --minimal                    Create minimal Vagrantfile (no help comments)
    --output FILE                Output path for the box. '-' for stdout
-h, --help                       Print this help

I am copying the command line text exactly as shown on this page: https://atlas.hashicorp.com/tsawler/boxes/wafs

This is my first attempt using Vagrant/virtual machines. Anyone know why it's not working? I installed Vagrant and Virtualbox just today on my Windows 10 machine so I have the most recent versions.


This is a multiple line command and this

vagrant init tsawler/wafs; vagrant up --provider virtualbox

works well in linux or mac os but does not work for windows.

For windows you should run as

vagrant init tsawler/wafs & vagrant up --provider virtualbox

Or you can also run the commands one by one

C:\Users\Owner\PhpstormProjects\modernphptut>vagrant init tsawler/wafs
C:\Users\Owner\PhpstormProjects\modernphptut>vagrant up --provider virtualbox

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