Is there a way to convert a js Dynaimc type to a desired Scala type like String, Int, Double or BigDecimal?

Looking at the source code there does not appear to be a way in the companion object to do these things.


I got it. You must use asInstanceOf[T].

For example

if you have some object called data with an id of Int and name of String

val myPromise = $.ajax(url)

myPromise.done((data: js.Dynamic, textStatus: String, jqXHr: JQueryXHR) => {
  val id = data.id.asInstanceOf[Int]
  val name = data.name.asInstanceOf[String]
  • Correct -- Scala.js, specifically the interface between JavaScript and Scala, is pretty much the one place where heavy use of isInstanceOf is totally normal and idiomatic. It even makes sense there: the compiler doesn't know what the actual type is, so you are instructing it, based on external knowledge. – Justin du Coeur Mar 19 '17 at 16:01

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