I want to create a small math solver application in wpf or silverlight that shows working. Something similiar to what Microsoft Math can do. How do I get those graphics such as the brackets with the ability to stretch vertically based on how many rows are in the equation?

Are there any library that contain these graphics and displaying the steps for .net?

  • I'd suggesting editing the title so there's no reference to icon. You're not talking about icons, but rather just a graphics library. As starter, you may want to have a look at this question and its links: stackoverflow.com/questions/1691982/… – Jim L Nov 26 '10 at 23:51
  • There is a math equation control at the following link. I'm not sure how comprehensive it is. And if you need it for commercial purposes you have to contact the owner. windowsclient.net/downloads/folders/controlgallery/… – Liz Nov 27 '10 at 0:11

You could do this easily using MathJAX and JavaScript.

  • Could this work in a wpf app? – Shawn Mclean Nov 28 '10 at 3:11
  • Can't imagine why this answer has been singled out for a downvote almost five years after it was posted. The answer underneath it, which cited mine, received no such treatment. Moderators? – duffymo Mar 18 '15 at 11:13
  • @duffymoi think it's because he went a step further and provided an example – bigworld12 Nov 20 '17 at 19:49
  • Did you downvote again, seven years after the answer and 2.5 years since my original complaint? I'll point out that my answer was the accepted one, regardless of your opinion. – duffymo Nov 20 '17 at 19:50

Based on @duffymo's answer, you could load a webbrowser WPF Webbrowser and inject the MathJAX library

For reference:

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.Window1"
Title="Window1" Height="300" Width="300">
  <WebBrowser x:Name="Browser" />

You can interact with the JavaScript API using this code:

public partial class Window1 : Window
    public Window1()
        Browser.LoadCompleted += BrowserOnLoadCompleted;
        Browser.Navigate(new Uri("http://example.com"));

    private void BrowserOnLoadCompleted(object sender, NavigationEventArgs navigationEventArgs)
        var doc = (HTMLDocument)Browser.Document;
        var head = doc.getElementsByTagName("head").Cast<HTMLHeadElement>().First();
        var script = (IHTMLScriptElement)doc.createElement("script");
        script.text = "alert('hi');";
        script.text = "alert('bye');";

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