I want transform a string that it is slugified in another string that it is the equivalent in human readable?

I take the parametesr from an url:


So I have the nome that is "disco%20asdasd". But in this way it not confrontable so I need to convert "disco%20asdasd" in "disco asdasd" that is the operation opposite to slugify. Anyone can help me?

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    I don't know if you want, but I presume you do since you're asking here :) Wording apart, this is not a code writing service. You should edit the question and post sample data (input and output) together with the code you've got so far and explanations of where you're stuck. – Álvaro González Mar 20 '17 at 16:17
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    So you don't need slugify - you need URL decoding. See my updated answer below. – rsp Mar 20 '17 at 16:24

It would really help if you showed an example of a string that you want to convert and an example of a string that you want to convert it to. Without that I can only recommend you some general solutions. See:

See the code examples in the docs of those projects.


If you want to convert: disco%20asdasd to: disco asdasd then use:

let decoded = decodeURI(yourString);


let decoded = decodeURIComponent(yourString);

but this is not a slug - this is URI-encoding and decoding.


More info on Wikipedia:

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