In Sublime Text I know I can find duplicate numbers in my code if I select one by one, but how can I find duplicate numbers without having to select one by one?


In my code there are many occurrences of the words "Text" and "Number", I would like the sublime to show how many occurrences it has of each word or to mark all duplicate words without having to select any of them.

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Is it the Ctrl + d shortcut you need?

Highlight one instance of the text you want to find, and press Ctrl + d and it'll select the next instance of that text, then press Ctrl + d again and it'll select the next one too.

Alternatively, you can just the find (Ctrl + f) function, and press "Find All"

finder_logic = random.randint(0,5)
rabbit = numbers[finder_logic]
if finder_logic == finder_logic2:
 if turtle==rabbit:
      print('the duplicated  number is  ' ,turtle)
 if turtle != rabbit:
       print('no duplication found ')

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