I'm using Dapper with Microsoft Access (not by choice I assure you) and I'm also using the Dapper.Contrib extensions to allow me to do connection.Insert(address). Unfortunately that's throwing an error 'Characters found after end of SQL statement.' because, I'm assuming, the SQL dapper generates is doing the insert and then asking for SCOPE_IDENTITY and Access doesn't like multiple SQL statements separated by a ;.

Is there any way to tell Dapper not to try and return the identity value?

I've had a look at the source code for the Dapper.Contrib and it looks like I'm probably out of luck?

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So as an update on this: I couldn't get Dapper.Contrib to work nicely with Access, so in the end I switched from Dapper to PetaPoco. That's been live on the production system for a while now and has behaved very well with Access.

One very useful aspect of PetaPoco is that rather than being a compiled DLL, you actually just add a single PetaPoco.cs file to your project, which makes debugging much easier.

Other micro-ORMs are available etc., but PetaPoco has been a good solution for use with Microsoft Access thus far.

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  • "I couldn't get Dapper to work nicely with Access" this is not correct. Dapper works correctly with Access. What does not work is "Dapper.Contrib". I was planning to use DapperExtensions with Access. Faced many problems and finally decided to switch database. I am lucky, that was possible and allowed by business. Technical work to switch database was negligible. Issue was backward compatibility. – Amit Joshi Jun 16 '17 at 6:03
  • @AmitJoshi good point, I've updated my answer. If there had been any way to switch database I definitely would of; working with MS Access has been painful. – tomRedox Jun 16 '17 at 8:46

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