I am trying to export reminders data from the Reminders application. The script below will do so, but it takes a very long time (first iteration took 100 minutes, the second iteration is still running).

I have read that sending AppleEvents (in this case around 1000 of them) is what kills performance, but fixes are sparse (I have read about encapsulating the script inside script, end script, and run script but that did not seem to do anything).

A promising but tedious avenue I have not tried is to grab all ten columns separately and unix paste them together.

The real issue is of course looking up every cell of my table one-by-one. How can I just grab all objects (reminders) in rs with all of their detail, by value, and not just a list of references? Then I can parse it how I please.


set output to "Title,Notes,Completed,Completion Date,List,Creation Date,Due Date,Modification Date,Remind Me Date,Priority\n"

tell application "Reminders"
    set rs to reminders in application "Reminders"
    repeat with r in rs
        set output to output & "\"" & name of r & "\",\"" & body of r & "\",\"" & completed of r & "\",\"" & completion date of r & "\",\"" & name of container of r & "\",\"" & creation date of r & "\",\"" & due date of r & "\",\"" & modification date of r & "\",\"" & remind me date of r & "\",\"" & priority of r & "\"\n"
    end repeat
end tell
return output

I'm about a year late, but perhaps someone else will find this solution useful. The trick is to store a reference to the reminders in the variable rs. That way, AppleScript is only having to go through every reminder once to retrieve its properties in the repeat loop.

    use application "Reminders"

    set text item delimiters of AppleScript to "|"

    set output to {{"Title", "Notes", "Completed", "Completion Date", ¬
        "List", "Creation Date", "Due Date", "Modification Date", ¬
        "Remind Me Date", "Priority"} as text}

    set rs to a reference to reminders

    repeat with r in (a reference to reminders)
        get {name, body, completed, completion date, ¬
            name of container, creation date, due date, ¬
            modification date, remind me date, priority} ¬
            of r

        set end of output to the result as text
    end repeat

    set text item delimiters of AppleScript to "\n"

    return output as text

Alternatively, after defining the variable rs, one could get all the properties of all the reminders in one go like this:

    set everything to the properties of rs

Then loop through this list instead:

    repeat with r in everything
        (* same as above *)

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