You can open Android apps from within Chrome using HTML links.

And I know that an intent from within an Android app to open the calendar is content:// (How to use Calendar Intent?)

Now I want to create a HTML link to open the calendar app from within Chrome. Note, this is a scenario where my app is not installed on the Android device. So I cannot create App intents to redirect to the calendar app.

I imagine something like this:


Unfortunately that link doesn't work — it opens a "Not found" page in the Play Store.

What am I missing? What would the link need to look like?

Source: Calendar App Manifest.xml

Possible duplicate: open android calendar with html link.

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To open an activity from a browser the activity's intent-filter must have the BROWSABLE category.

If you look at the AndroidManifest.xml from the Google Calendar app you referenced, there exists only one such activity: This activity accepts URLs to calendar events, including URLs that start with

If you don't mind the short warning message that the opened event doesn't exist, you could use this link to open the Calendar app from a browser. If you prefer an intent link, you could also use intent://;scheme=https;;end, but unfortunately you won't be able to start, the activity listening for content://... URLs, directly from the browser.

  • The short warning message isn't that obtrusive. Great solution! – Robert Mar 29 '17 at 14:12
  • I am confused, so you mean to say that change 'http' from the event invite link to 'intent' to open Android calendar? – Jikku Jose Mar 27 at 3:09
  • Just try both links! Both open the Google calendar app, so use whichever you prefer. – segoh Mar 27 at 10:02

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