Has anyone heard of anyone having any success implementing Apple's new AirPrint protocol on Android?

From various descriptions, it appears to be a fairly simple protocol employing Internet Printing Protocol, bonjour and PDF:


These technologies all appear to be possible to implement on Android, but I'm wondering if there are any likely stumbling blocks?

(I realise AirPrint only works with a handful of printers just now, and only 11 HPs as listed on Apple's airprint page, but it is presumably only a matter of time before it becomes much more widespread.)


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Airprint doesn't involve any email at all. All Airprint does is find a printer on the same network the iPhone or iPad is connected to via wireless lan and print it. What Mr. Lowman describes is HP's ePrint. It uses a unique email address for your printer that you can send your document to for printing. ePrint, can, therefore, send a document to your printer even if you're not on the same network. However, it's slower and relying on email servers could result in ridiculous delays in printing.

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    The question didn't say anything about email/ePrint, nor does it try to actually answer the question. – Solemnity Feb 3 '13 at 1:47

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