I need to export a mysql table, but it has like 5gb of entries, so I only want the structure. I am trying to do it from a simple php doing a sql query, how can I do that?


You can use SHOW CREATE TABLE for this.

Shows the CREATE TABLE statement that creates the given table. The statement requires the SELECT privilege for the table. As of MySQL 5.0.1, this statement also works with views.



I'm not a MySQL expert by any means but the following site suggests using the -d or --no-data option of mysqldump:

mysqldump -d -h localhost -u root -pmypassword databasename > dumpfile.sql

It worked for me.

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if u have "MySQL Workbench" v6.0

1) click on any table of the database.

2) Right-click and select "Tables Maintenance"

3) Under "Tables" tab, highlight the tables u want to export, right-click and select "Send to SQL Editor">"Create Schema"


It is already answered in the link below:
MySql export schema without data

Use the command below to take the structure or schema dump.

mysqldump -u root -p --no-data dbname > schema.sql

Depending on you exact requirements, something as simple as

select * from table where 1=0

might suffice.

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  • This query could be used in conjunction with create table as ... to create an empty table with the same structure. As it stands though, it doesn't answer the question. It will just return an empty result set. – Burhan Ali Sep 15 '17 at 12:55

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