I have written before the method is executed after the hook operation.

Now I want to trigger the hook method in my own interface.

How should I call the hook method

A short example code would be nice :)



Short Answer

You need to call java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke()

Long Answer

I assume you want to call ("invoke") the method you hooked from some other parts of your code.

First you need access to the Member and the Object you want to call the function on.

  1. In your beforeHookedMethod() or afterHookedMethod() you receive an object of the type XC_MethodHook.MethodHookParam
  2. This object has fields method of type Member and thisObject of the type Object. Save these variables for later.
  3. Later, in your interface, when you want to call the function, simply cast the above Member as a Method and call Method.invoke() with the thisObject as Parameter.

Code Example -

//To save the returned Member and Object
public static Method myMember;
public static Object myObject;
//In your hook
protected Object beforeHookedMethod(MethodHookParam methodHookParam){
//Cast to method and save for later
    myMember = (Method) methodHookParam.method;
    myObject = methodHookParam.thisObject;
//Later, in your interface, to call the function

Note - If you need to pass arguments to the function call, the MethodHookParam object you got in 1 also has those in the args field.

Easier - If the function you want to call is static

If the function is static, you don't need to wait for the callback.

  1. The functions you called to hook (such as findAndHookMethod()) return an object of the type XC_MethodHook.Unhook as the parameter.
  2. Calling getHookedMethod() on that object will return and object of type Member
  3. Simply cast this Member as a Method and call Method.invoke(null) (The object can be null since the function is static.)

Note - Also, If you are still hooked to that method, your beforeHookedMethod() and afterHookedMethod() will still be called when calling this function. If you dont want these to be called, use XposedBridge.invokeOriginalMethod() instead of Method.invoke() above.

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