Is it possible to iterate over ENUM in ui:repeat or c:forEach ? I'm using o:importConstants of Omnifaces 2.5.

Example code:

<o:importConstants type="my.package.MyEnum"></o:importConstants>
<c:forEach var="icon" items="#{MyEnum}">

but it comes:






The <o:importConstants> converts the enum values to a Map<String, E> where the map key is the string representation of the enum name and the map value is the actual enum instance itself. What you're essentially attempting right now is printing each Map.Entry instance as string. You should actually be using its getKey() and/or getValue() methods instead.

Iterating over a Map directly is as of now only supported in <c:forEach>. See also How to use jstl foreach directly over the values of a map?

<c:forEach items="#{MyEnum}" var="entry">
    Map key: #{entry.key} <br/>
    Map value: #{entry.value} <br/>

The <ui:repeat> (and <h:dataTable>) only supports it from JSF 2.3 on. Until then, you'd best iterate over Map#values() instead.

<ui:repeat value="#{MyEnum.values()}" var="value">
    Map value: #{value} <br/>
  • Thank you! It explains a lot. – Tony Mar 22 '17 at 12:12
  • You're welcome. – BalusC Mar 22 '17 at 12:16

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