I'm building an app to store information items. Currently there are 3 input fields (Title, description and fileinput).

When I fill in all three fields and call the addItem() function, it works. But when I leave the input field empty, the function doesn't add it to the database.

Is there a way to tell that the file input field is not required?

My javascript code:

function addItem() {

    //get file
    var inputFile = document.querySelector('#inputFile');
    var getFile = inputFile.files[0];

    //get info
    var title = document.getElementById('itemTitle').value;
    var desc = document.getElementById('itemDesc').value;

    _id: new Date().toISOString(),
    title: title,
    description: desc,
    _attachments: {
        "file": {
            content_type: getFile.type,
            data: getFile
      console.log("Added to the database");
        location.href = "menu.html";  

some extra info, I'm using Cordova to build the app. My database is PouchDB and connected via couchperuser to a CouchDB server.


I'd be surprised that your second line (inputFile.files[0]) even works if you don't provide a file. In any case, I'm sure the getFile.type method call will fail if there's no file.

You need some logic in this method so that it does two different things based on whether there's a file supplied or not. If there is one then it does what you have, if there isn't then it doesn't try adding the _attachments and probably skips the whole setting of getFile too.

  • thank you. just curious if there is an option within pouch or something. I shall try using two different put() functions. – thomagron Mar 23 '17 at 14:11
  • It's nothing to do with PouchDB, code like getFile.type just can never work if getFile is null. – smathy Mar 23 '17 at 18:00

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