I've created a system formed bye a c#/winform application and c#/ASPX application who exchange information via XML files.

The c#/Winform application work as a frontend : make different operation and use some file saved as Xml to share information with other application.

The c#/ASPX application is my backend. I can call it by browser form other PC and through it I configure the front-end application.

The system works perfectly.

The question is this : I've some classes that are the same in first and second application. how can I use the classes, without having to rewrite them in a project and the other?

NOTE1 : I use visual studio express as IDE (visual express desktop 2015 for winform and visual express web 2015 for aspx)

NOTE2 : the application have to work on linux mono too.

  • Put your classes in a separate solution/project and reference it in both the other projects as a dll. – Alessandro D'Andria Mar 22 '17 at 13:48

Create a separate class library project having the shared classes. Then reference this class library from your WinForm and ASP.Net applications. Hope that helps.

  • Also switch to Visual Studio Community Edition, so you can keep all your projects in single solution – komsky Mar 22 '17 at 15:44

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