How do I submit a sitemap to Google Search console as a request? I think I'm missing the part where I include my credentials, but it's not clear how to include this in the URL.

Everything is set up in search console and I can submit my sitemap manually.

Following the documentation (https://developers.google.com/webmaster-tools/search-console-api-original/v3/sitemaps/submit) I write this in a browser:


It says "Not Found". < mysitemapurl > by itself does get the sitemap.

If I use the try-it option in the documentation then it says "User does not have sufficient permission for site".

I went through the credentials wizard and was told that I have sufficient credentials. I have a @developer.gserviceaccount.com email address and two Key IDs. But where do I include them in the URL?


You need to follow the below steps to submit your sitemap in Google Webmasters:

  • Navigate to "Crawl" under which you will see "Sitemaps"

  • Submit your sitemap URL which must be in .xml format. For example, if your sitemap is located here: www.xyz.com/sitemap.xml, just submit sitemap.xml there by clicking "Add Sitemap" at upper right corner.

And you're done.

Let me know if I can be of more help to you.

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    This is a manual process. I was hoping for a programmatic method. I tried that, but I get an authentication error. – user984003 May 1 '17 at 22:00

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