How do I get my project to work when it says in the solution explorer Solution 'solution name' (0 projects) and below that it says 'project name' (unavailable)?


All I had to do to get this working is I had to right click the project and click reload project. Somehow my project got unloaded. When your circumstances look like this, it is possible that this happened.


try this:

  • right click on the solution name
  • select 'Add'
  • select 'Existing Project'
  • in browser window go to your project folder and select 'YourProjectName.csproj' file (.csproj file of project)
  • and the project will be added! so Done!

Best Regard.


for me the Accepted Answer did not fix it, I went back through my commit history and got the last ver. that was working,

That fixed it. Hope this helps others that have this problem.


What I've done that solved my issue was simply right click on the project name then select undo changes


I had right click the solution and selected "go back git" option and then it canceled the last changes and the project reloaded suddenly. So it seems ok for now.

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